Tobias Dammers



I'm a programmer. I program things.

Things like these:


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The zero-programming web framework that powers this website.


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A Haskell implementation of the Jinja2 HTML template language.


SQL rethought: Write SQL as SQL in type-safe Haskell quasi-quotes.

Programming Philosophy In 100 Words

Programming is about abstractions.

Abstracting means drilling down to the essence of a problem space, building a model that matches it, wrapping it in a Domain-Specific Language, and then expressing the solution in that DSL.

Maximally automating yourself, and insisting on making things right, are the best long-term strategy, and once you have mastered them, will also be the best short-term strategy. The most important character traits in a programmer are curiosity, honesty, and laziness. Use tools as brain extensions, externalize knowledge and information, and remember that your future self is also just another programmer.

Have lots of fun programming.

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